5 Points to remember when setting up your Company in Qatar

Abhishek just hung up a call from one of his regular clients. He just won a multimillion-dollar deal with them. He is unsure of the mechanics on how to set up or if he does need to set up, but this deal means that he can make his move to make his business and international concern. As much as this is a great opportunity, he needed to secure his investment and he had no clue what to do. He had to invest quite a bit in equipment and machinery to get this project underway. A quick Google search revealed a company called Bethel Business and Management Services (BBMS) and he went knocking at their doorstep. BBMS helped him understand the structures that a company can take in Qatar but irrespectiv

Arbitrary Laws in Qatar and its Impact

Hassan was reading the newspaper when he first came to know about the new Arbitration Law of Qatar. He felt it was imperative as he was usually involved in a lot of arbitrations as part of his profession. As a legal figure, his expertise was almost always called into service by many a large business or corporation out there. After Hassan came upon the entire report on the news, he decided that he had to learn all about it, or his daily living would be in jeopardy. That’s why he went to one of the ablest and successful businesses, Bethel Business and Management Services, in terms of facilitating business processes in general, including business setup in Qatar. One of the main reasons is becau

Foreign Investments in Qatar

Susan wondered whether her choice of setting up shop for her company in Qatar was the right move. For one, she had never visited the country but had read and heard a lot of positive reports about the economy and business in the state over the last few years. Susan was utterly taken aback and was astounded when she couldn't stop herself from agreeing to her boss' plans of expanding the business to Qatar. She was a crucial part of the planning and decision making management team in her company. Setting up a new entity in a new country was the most challenging task yet, which her employer had set upon her. It was expected to be successful. Early on, she recognized that there was a need to take

What businesses should do in terms of understanding and utilizing all the Free Zones in Qatar

Omar is the owner of a food supply business for the small hotels in Musheireb Downtown area. He has been doing it for quite some time. But, the reports of the area being shut down to be classified as a Free Zone by the government in a recent news report made him quite concerned. The best that he could understand was that the highest powers in the country were going to spend a lot of money building a lot of things for foreign companies and investors. He couldn’t fathom where a relatively miniature business owner has a place in all of this, and he feared for his business’ survival. That’s why he contacted BBMS. BBMS is well-known in providing exceptional PRO Services in Qatar and could help Om

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