Corporate Taxation Regulations in Qatar

Most people who come to Qatar to set up a company always are at awe at the tax rules and regulations. The companies are rumoured to be tax-free. This is the simple misunderstanding that many start-ups begin with. Steve was no different. He had to understand what the laws of the country were and that every company must pay tax on profit made. His move from being a salaried person who had no tax whatsoever to an entity which now needs to worry about how it is being taxed has had its impact on his level of stress. He wanted to be sure that the information he had was correct. Having asked around with people he knew and realising that there is no concrete answer that he is getting, he decided to

Qatari Company Formation Process: Obtaining the Trade License, Establishment Card

BBMS has just helped Jacob Register a new company by getting his Commercial Registration for his new LLC. If you missed out on the process, then please read here. BBMS is helping him now to get his Trade License. The Trade License is taken in an approved space for the new company that is approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Formerly Ministry of Economy and Commerce) for conducting business activities that you have registered in your Commercial Registration. This means that Jacob must rent a place for a period of 12 months to get this License. BBMS was happy to help in getting the license but at the end of the day, the responsibility to find a place for setting up a company and

Qatari Company Formation Process: Obtaining Commercial Registration

Jacob’s digital agency was ready to set up in Qatar and expand out of Singapore. He was especially positive because he had taken on the professional help he needed from Bethel Business and Management Services (BBMS) to assist him to take on the company formation process. The last 3 weeks have been quite tense for Jacob, but he has had nothing but confidence with the team. It all began with an inquiry email he had sent across. A representative from BBMS immediately responded and called Jacob.. Since Jacob was in a different country and could not come down for face to face conversations, BBMS was able to explain the whole process to him over phone. This put Jacob at complete ease. After multip

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