Robotics as a service (RaaS)

Ever since Dev graduated from college, he always wanted to launch his startup. As a person with a keen eye on Robotics, he knew Robotics as a Service is growing rapidly A study by ABI predicted that there would be 1.3 million installations creating revenue of 36 billion. Dev is familiar to RaaS (Robotics as a service) is a subscription-based service model, as it is similar to SaaS (Software a as service). And the people who sign up for it will get robotic process automation by leasing robots and equipment rather than purchasing them. The hassles of paying off an expensive piece of equipment, as well as its maintenance, can be avoided by RaaS. Dev is not a resident of Qatar, but he always wan

End of Qatar's Diplomatic Blockade

Ever since Salman learnt about Qatar and the neighbouring countries working towards ending their differences, he has always supported it. Qatar's diplomatic crisis began in 2017. This diplomatic crisis, at that time, came as a massive blow for Salman's notion of expanding his import-export business. But even during this setback, Qatar has been rerouting its modes of income and has been progressing steadily. Qatar’s government opened up doors for establishing new businesses in the country. PRO services can be used to setup companies and to help with legal formation of entity. Small and medium sized enterprises are thriving in Qatar, as the country has decided to diversify its modes of income,

Bear Market

Jim has been extremely nervous since the COVID-19 outbreak as analysts are only now beginning to crunch the numbers on just how much businesses will lose as a result of pandemic. In just few weeks, Corona virus pandemic has shaved off nearly third of the global market capital. So it’s of no surprise as to why Jim has been pacing back and forth thinking about the stock market crash. How does he survive and overcome it and how does he invest wisely during a pandemic and its obvious aftermath? The Bear Market: The bear market refers to a market that is in decline of at least 20% in asset prices. Investors believe that the continuous drop in the share prices are resulting in a downward trend whi

Effects of COVID-19 on Qatari Businesses

The outbreak of the Coronavirus had caused the Qatari government to issue orders to its people to stay at home and self quarantine. The Shah family too, had decided to self-quarantine themselves at home due to the pandemic. They had been continually hearing about how Qatar had been affected by the measures the government had put in place. There was nowhere to go, and the family was making the best of the quarantine by having a family discussion on various topics. Unsurprisingly, as the Shah's ran a family business, the topic turned to what would happen to the Qatari economy as all foreign trade was at a standstill. At that exact moment, a news story popped up on the TV, a panel of academicia

Registering a Trademark in Qatar

Mr.Asil has finally figured out all that is necessary for him to start his new business in Qatar with the help of BBMS. They helped him to come up with his business structure, business name, registered his business, got it licensed and ID for the taxes and even opened up a bank account for his business. Find out how by checking out this link: Click here. The final and most important of it all was for him to register a trademark that belongs to his business. Now, how does he do it? First off, a trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or distinct signature that belongs to a specific business or company in Qatar. A trademark is useful in distinguishing a service or a product from other compet

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