Tourism industry in Qatar

Alex’s New Year resolution for 2020 includes taking a solo trip to a place she always wanted to go- Qatar. She has always admired the country for its ultramodern buildings and the incredible libraries, especially the Qatari Book House and the National Library. The Pearl-Qatar was something she dreamt of visiting since she was a little kid. Now the problem is, neither does she have any friends in Qatar nor any idea about what her trip is going to look like. So she decides to contact a tourism company to help her plan her trip, not only Alex but Qatar has been getting an increasing number of solo travellers as it is said to be a safe place for women. The only tip for the women would be to reme

Opening of fitness centers/ fitness business in Qatar

James works 9 to 5 every day and sometimes he has to work overtime, while that brings him credibility in his workplace and he was doing great, he knew he wasn’t doing great. He skipped breakfast almost every day and the maximum physical activity he did was walking up to the elevator. He knew he had to get off his chair and do something about it but “what?” and “how?” were the two mindboggling questions that he couldn’t find the right answers for. These aren’t just a problem for James but the majority of the working people in Qatar. This rising need for fitness and wellness in Qatar provides the perfect time to set up a fitness centre. The wellness market in Qatar is poised for significant gr

Export market in Qatar

During a business trip to Qatar, Rafi decides to buy a car, and he exports it from Doha to India with the help of an International Vehicle Moving company that specializes in exporting and shipping a variety of goods around the world. As he looked upon the internet, Rafi found out that Qatar is the 47th largest export economy in the world with an estimated 79.88 Billion worth of products and services being exported and 34.69 Billion worth of products and services being imported, Qatar boasts a positive trade balance of 30.7 Billion, making it one of the most welcoming import-export market in the world. The top exports of Qatar are mostly managed by the Government like Petroleum gas, Crude oil

Cryptocurrency ban

Abdullah wakes up to find out that the Qatar government has decided to ban all kinds of cryptocurrencies in their country. The Qatar Financial Center (QFC) has announced the banning of all cryptocurrency-related trades and services. This news was surprising for Abdullah as Qatar is a leader in adopting to blockchain-related trade. The financial regulators in Qatar have come to this decision in an attempt to combat virtual currencies that finance terrorisim. Sheikh Abdulla bin Saoud Al-Thani, the governor of Qatar's Central Bank, said, " The state of Qatar affirms that fighting money laundering and terrorist financing requires a strict and effective regulatory and legislative framework, where

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