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Affiliate Business in Qatar (Part - 1)

Taina just graduated from college, and she's been job hunting for a while, but she's always been skeptical about the idea of working for somebody. She wants to work for herself, but she's aware that she cannot have a start-up of her own at the moment. Her friend suggests her to try doing affiliate business, but she has no idea what is it about, so she asks her friend, "but what does an affiliate business mean?"

Affiliate marketing is a popular strategy to drive sales and generate significant revenue. You earn money per sale and per click, as simple as that.

In technical terms, "affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person's or company's products."

This is perfect for someone tired of the monotonous 9 to 5 as everything you choose to sell or promote entirely depends on what you like or what you enjoy. You earn a piece of profit from each sale you make, and via affiliate links from one website to another, the sales are tracked.

Who is an affiliate?

An affiliate is also known as the publisher who takes the form of a site or a blog. They function by promoting goods and services offered by using banners, text boxes, ads and text links on their websites.

Why choose to be an affiliate?

One of the most exciting reasons to become an affiliate marketer is that you receive a passive income. While the 9 to 5 jobs require you to be at the office to receive your pay, affiliate marketing enables you to make money long after you finish a particular campaign. All you need to do is invest a small amount of time into a campaign and see continuous returns on that invested time as customers keep purchasing the product over some time.

You might also find affiliate marketing to be more of your 'thing' as it is mostly based on 'Performance-based rewards'. Improving your reviewing skills and ability to create and write engaging content will directly reflect in your revenue. Hence, when you are doing a great job, you'll know you are indeed actually doing a great job.

Affiliate marketing also provides you with a fantastic opportunity to build an extensive and diverse portfolio for yourself since you are pretty much 'freelancing' and you are free to choose campaigns you resonate with instead of any sense of restrictions. You do not have to worry about customer/audience support as the affiliate marketing structure is structured in a way, so you don't have to worry about customer satisfaction. It is the job of the individual seller or the company to deal with their customer and ensure the fulfilment of their purchase.

Lastly but more importantly, you get to work from home or anywhere at your comfort. It is also cost-effective as you don't need to worry about an 'affiliate program fees'. This line of work is relatively straightforward and transparent.

Now, how do you get paid?

Pay Per Click (PPC): In this program, the affiliate is paid for every single valid click made on their site, regardless of whether a sale was made or not.

Pay Per Lead (PPL): In this program, the affiliate is paid a fixed percentage for every sale, or qualified action made. This includes Installation, Submission of Online Forms, Surveys, and Free Trials etc.

Pay Per Sale (PPS): In this program, the affiliate is paid an agreed-upon percentage by the advertiser of all cumulative sales qualified. For example, Amazon associates offer a 15% commission on every single transaction made.

This new frontier in the market will serve as the perfect option for the self-made entrepreneur in you. BBMS is known for its PRO services and will be of immense help in connecting you as an affiliate to the right company for you and BBMS also provides you with the best affiliating companies in Qatar; removing all the confusions regarding the authenticity and the effectiveness of affiliate marketing in Qatar. Call us at +974 40120333 or email us at for a no obligation consultation.


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