Difference between the Qatar Financial Centre and Ministry Of Commerce and Industry

Alex felt like he was in a lot of trouble. After years of hard work and dedication, his dreams seem to crash and burn right before his eyes. His aim of setting up an innovative oil refining business in Qatar seemed like the ideal break he had needed in finally setting up a fortune. He had also worked in the country for the past several years. While he worked, he spent a lot of time making sure to network and connect with the right people, all the while gathering necessary information about the sector in which he was interested. However, a critical piece of information was shared by one of his associates. This had seemingly ended all his plans, dreams and efforts over the years. This acquaint

Comparison between private Company Formation Consultants vs a Law Firm

Abdul was quite dissatisfied with the legal firm's services he had sought ought for the formation of a new company in Qatar. As a business owner, he was primarily focused upon delivering solutions in the IT sector, and the country's economy and legal status indicated a very compelling opportunity. However, his very first setback came even before he opened business in Qatar. Abdul thought contacting and seeking out the services of a legal firm would be the trick, but due to miscommunication and a confusing system, the entire arrangement broke down. He was utterly disappointed at this turn of events, even considering not to move forward with the plan at all. His advisers, however, made a comp

Great business opportunities in Qatar – Part 2

Habeeb was further curious to find out what would be the best opportunities to start a business within Qatar especially after the blockade was imposed. His discovery was perhaps best described in an old saying “Necessity is the mother of all invention” which is highly applicable in the case of Qatar. After the blockade was imposed by Qatar’s GCC neighbours, Qatar had to reinvent itself and do so quickly. Out of this necessity, arose a demand for various fields and some of them are without question some of the best opportunities the world can offer. Agriculture: Every individual must sustain themselves with food. It is from food that they find sustenance and without this sustenance, one would

A Little about the Qatar Free Zone Authority

Havier was an aspiring entrepreneur. Having started 2 companies in his home country and a further 2 outside his home country; he was ready for a 3rd and this time his target was the middle east. As with all or most entrepreneurs, he was not ready to let go of the stake of the company that he wanted to start in Qatar. He simply could not understand why he would not be allowed to start his business as an individual owning 100% of the company he is starting. This adamant outlook towards protecting his interests turned up quite a few facts. The biggest one being that there were certain areas/zones in Qatar, where one could own 100% of their business. However, this was not always the case. Reform

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