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Comparison between private Company Formation Consultants vs a Law Firm

Abdul was quite dissatisfied with the legal firm's services he had sought ought for the formation of a new company in Qatar. As a business owner, he was primarily focused upon delivering solutions in the IT sector, and the country's economy and legal status indicated a very compelling opportunity. However, his very first setback came even before he opened business in Qatar. Abdul thought contacting and seeking out the services of a legal firm would be the trick, but due to miscommunication and a confusing system, the entire arrangement broke down. He was utterly disappointed at this turn of events, even considering not to move forward with the plan at all. His advisers, however, made a compelling agreement to seek a second opinion. His counter-argument was towards the efficiency of the same legal firms and if they were going to make the same mistakes again. They encouraged him to conduct extensive research on alternative methods, and an option presented itself in the form of a company called BBMS.

While Abdul did not understand what this company did if not help legal matters, the advisers encouraged him to seek them out and start a conversation with them. PRO Services, a term used only in the Middle East, was the company's main line of business. They were primarily all about acting as the support for businesses in the country and see that they don't run into trouble. BBMS caught a very unwilling Abdul when he first contacted them. It was clear he had been turned off by his previous experience, but they were all ears to listen to him and hear his story. In the story, it was apparent that there was a definite lack of synergy that caused the situation at present. On the one hand, Abdul and his associates didn't know the laws of Qatar and how they generally should form a business entity. The lawyers knew the law, but they failed to understand Abdul and provide a holistic solution outside of consulting and stating all that he needed to know.

BBMS representatives highlighted the points of concern and wanted to help. They related to Abdul on how complex it could be to properly understand what, how or why a foreign country's laws exactly differ at large. What their experience had taught them over the years was the fact that the entire case of setting up an entity by a foreign party in Qatar required a more hands-on approach. After a one-hour consultation conference call, BBMS was able to give in-depth explanations in terms of options available to act upon. They also related all the necessary steps required to go through each one of them. However, BBMS experts stated that Abdul need not worry as they were going to help him every single step of the way.

BBMS was able to provide Abdul with a 51% share partner that they could trust as well as complete all the required documentation over and above what the Law firms were able to do.The Law firm had told Abdul that they could assist up to completion of the Commercial Registration and that he would need to find a 51% share partner for getting his CR. However, BBMS became that 51% share partner in a corporate capacity and he did not have to hunt in multiple places to complete his set up process.

As a result, when Abdul arrived to the country, he was already ahead of the game. BBMS had already prepared the Article of Association, already vetted and confirmed by Abdul, which is the first step in setting up an entity in Qatar. After getting his signature witnessed by the Ministry of Justice, he went on to get the Commercial Registration issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. He was issued with his temporary Tax Card that was needed to apply for his business' financial concerns. During this complete process, representation from BBMS aided him every step of the way, ensuring that there was no mistake or misunderstanding between all stakeholders. They also helped him set up a corporate Bank Account for helping him handle financial matters in the country with a major and trusted National Bank. It became clear to Abdul that BBMS was essential for the entire case at large, especially when filing all the paperwork required to incorporate the company officially with the Government of Qatar.

BBMS continues to be one of the most valuable partners Abdul has engaged to this day. They have aided several aspects of his business concerns in Qatar even after his setup was complete. They were kind to further offer their PRO services as and when Abdul needed it.

You too can set up a successfully thriving business in the country, and BBMS will be as essential as it has been mentioned above. You won't get the same fully dedicated help and unwavering support anywhere else. Call BBMS at +974 40 120 333 or email them at; and just say, Abdul referred you.


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