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As an entrepreneur seeking to start a business in Qatar, the first step is to identify and choose the best company establishment type.


One of the most common ways of forming a company in the State of Qatar is the Limited Liability Company which is the most suitable if the business activities consist in trading, construction, consulting, etc.. to private and government related organisations.

Why choose a Limited Liability Company?


•An LLC will be recognized as a local company.

•There are few restrictions on the activities an LLC can perform.

•There are no limitations on the amounts of products an LLC can sell.

•An LLC will not be subject to paying withholding tax.

•Unlike a Branch Office or Trade Representative Office, an LLC can carry out and fulfil an unlimited number of contracts simultaneously.

What are the steps for setting up a Limited Liability Company?


BBMS offers you extensive assistance in establishing your Limited Liability Company in Qatar, Call us today for more details

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