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Setting up an Engineering office within the State of Qatar can often be a complex, very detailed process. The team at BBMS has an entity specialised in establishing engineering companies and is fully capable of helping companies overcome obstacles and ensure their business is successfully running in Qatar.


Three types of engineering offices that can be set up in Qatar are:

Local Engineering Office:

Engineers working for a Local Engineering Office must be on the “Register of Engineers” list and meet the necessary experience requirements.


International Engineering Consultancy (100% foreign owned)

In order to establish an International Engineering Consultancy in Qatar, the company has to be a branch of a main office located in a foreign country. This main office abroad should be able to support the branch in Qatar by dedicating their time, resources, and any other responsibilities to ensure the company in Qatar is on the right track.

Engineering Branch Offices (CONTRACT SPECIFIC)

Engineering companies abroad are able to set up a branch office in the State of Qatar without a Qatari partner. However, there are some requirements the branch office must have:

-The engineering branch office must be entitled to perform the specific activity for which it is registered

-The branch office must be authorized by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce

-The office myst be fully taxed, unless it has been granted any special exemption

The Qatari Engineering Law

Local requirements for engineering companies may request for some additional approvals. In 2005, The Engineering Law was issued in Qatar, which is not only applicable to engineers, but also to "Engineering Professions" such as:

Civil Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Chemical and Petroleum and Gas Engineering
Quantity Calculation and Cost Estimation
Project Management
Industrial Engineering
Security and Safety Engineering
Communications Engineering

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