Pro's and Con's of starting a business in Qatar

Mr. Kapoor had finally finished his comprehensive notes on the processes involved in forming a company in Qatar. He is a calculative man who loves to weigh out the pros and cons of any decision before executing it. This new business venture in Qatar is no exception. A few hours of Googling later, Mr. Kapoor had collected all the information needed and converted it into a handy list to aid his decision making. Pro’s: 1. Qatar’s economy in 2020 has been growing steadily. 2. The state is consistent in improving its infrastructure making life easier for industries, companies and encourages foreign direct investment into the country through a set of laws that allows non-Qatari citizens to invest,

How to start a business in Qatar

Mr.Asil is a successful businessman in India who is looking to expand his company to other countries. After careful consideration, he has set his sights on Qatar. However, the flood of articles and information on the internet has quite overwhelmed him. To help him remember all that he had read over the last week of research, he made detailed notes on his laptop. Let’s take a sneak peek at them, shall we? To set up a LLC in Qatar, the majority of the company has to be owned by one or a group of Qatari nationals who collectively hold 51% of the shares. To fully set up and run the business, one must obtain these three documents in the exact order below:- I. Commercial Registration, also known a

Affiliate marketing in 2020 (Part - 2)

After Taina researched and got an idea about Affiliate business and its working, she was skeptical about the growth and future of this business. So she decided to search more information about the future of Affiliate business in the coming years and how she can have her business setup in Qatar. With the growing rate of blogs and bloggers and the importance and usage of social media in the current generation, it has allowed affiliates to promote products in many different ways. More and more companies are working hard to incorporate affiliate marketing strategy in their digital marketing plan. Nearly 81% of the brands participate in affiliate marketing. By 2022, the affiliate marketing indust

Affiliate Business in Qatar (Part - 1)

Taina just graduated from college, and she's been job hunting for a while, but she's always been skeptical about the idea of working for somebody. She wants to work for herself, but she's aware that she cannot have a start-up of her own at the moment. Her friend suggests her to try doing affiliate business, but she has no idea what is it about, so she asks her friend, "but what does an affiliate business mean?" Affiliate marketing is a popular strategy to drive sales and generate significant revenue. You earn money per sale and per click, as simple as that. In technical terms, "affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person's or compa

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