How do you find a Local Partner in Qatar

It was time. And he was ready. Ronald had done his research about the Qatari market at length. He knew he could make his mark in the economic sector. But then came the hiccup - he needed help to navigate through bureaucratic hassles before he could set up shop. But finding a trustworthy partner for business is no easy feat. With its diverse resources coupled with recent legal liberalisation, economic diversification and a burgeoning economy, Qatar is a hub that can breathe life into any investor's dream. With developments being clocked in almost every fortnight, the country promises economic stability that rides on a fast-growing and modern economy. The step before the leap Before you dip yo

Banks and Banking in Qatar

The question about where to put his money loomed large. Mr. Pereira was just making his baby steps as an entrepreneur and he did not want to make a mistake. Will being an international bank have more benefits than a local one? Or should he put all his eggs in one basket and place his trust in a private one? Questions like Mr. Pereira’s, are justified. Afterall, it’s your life’s earnings, right? As a country that boasts of the world’s highest per capita income, the Qatari government has paved the way to ensure adequate infrastructure to protect your earnings. As such, expats generally find that banking in Qatar, with its well-maintained network of local and international banks, is easy. Altho

A concise guide to starting your restaurant in Qatar

Setting up a legal entity for the purpose of starting his first outlet in Qatar, led Nawaf on a journey that had more twists and turns than what he was expecting. Nawaf started his restaurant in the malabar coastal city of Kannoor; and heard of Qatar as a fast-growing economy with the food, beverage and restaurant industry which has witnessed a steep growth in the recent past. Nawaf was keen to get into the mix but what he needed was a partner that would help him make that critical jump in a safe and secure manner. When searching about Qatar, Nawaf found a number of things that helped him understand why Qatar is a great place to do business. He has summarised three primary factors that work

Why Qatar is your next destination as a Sporting Company!

As Eric watched the nail-biting moments of the Asia Cup finals, there was nothing less than awe on his face. His thoughts raced back to the semi-final match where Qatar beat UAE by 4-0. And when his team in white lifted the coveted Asia Cup, it further cemented his belief—his team was not to be trifled with. The word “ecstatic” may not be enough to quite sum up the excitement and joy of the country. The team was welcomed by none other than its leader, The Emir His Highness Tamim bin Hamed Al-Thani, right at the airport. One has to imagine the depth of emotion the country feels to bring home such a trophy especially as the FIFA 2022 world cup looms around the corner. Qatar is telling the worl

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