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Why Qatar is your next destination as a Sporting Company!

FIFA Sports

As Eric watched the nail-biting moments of the Asia Cup finals, there was nothing less than awe on his face. His thoughts raced back to the semi-final match where Qatar beat UAE by 4-0. And when his team in white lifted the coveted Asia Cup, it further cemented his belief—his team was not to be trifled with.

The word “ecstatic” may not be enough to quite sum up the excitement and joy of the country. The team was welcomed by none other than its leader, The Emir His Highness Tamim bin Hamed Al-Thani, right at the airport. One has to imagine the depth of emotion the country feels to bring home such a trophy especially as the FIFA 2022 world cup looms around the corner. Qatar is telling the world, 'We are here and we are here to stay'.

With this recent victory etched into the country’s memory, the national sports day was amped up. The day was packed with enthusiasm, especially with the world having its eyes fixed on the country. About eight years ago, the second Tuesday of every February was decreed by the Emir of Qatar as a day to celebrate sports in the nation and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This decree was passed to support the country's 2030 Vision. This year, the country had planned numerous activities for its residents to participate in. These include those setup and run by the government as well as those that are run by the private organisations. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and are looking at various ways to partake so that they are the prominent players of the game by 2022.

Sports has now grown to become one of the more promising sectors of development in Qatar.That is where you as the reader, need to understand that this small unassuming country has no plans of slowing down. And that spells opportunity for sports affiliated companies in particular. But if you are hesitant to launch your expertise in this country because you don’t understand the country or the way deals are brokered, expert help is what BBMS has to offer you as entrepreneurs.

BBMS witness at least a dozen companies falling through the cracks every year because people are unable to make connections between opportunities and ideas. Every idea is great, but every idea only has as much value as when you are able to monetise it. This means that a company that starts without a vision or duplicating a vision of another company only has so much scope or value to it. However, if your business has a solid foundation, you are bound to grow leaps and bounds. This leads to another problem; how to make those vital connections that will win you the deals. This is where talking to a BBMS representative would be ideal.

True that the country’s infrastructural needs may have come to a closure, but support functions and its functionalities need to be opened and operated with the right kind of finesse as needed to ensure that it complies with existing market requirements.

Qatar has its own rules and regulations that one needs to navigate around. Setting up a company is time-consuming, so you need to be clear that you are set to succeed even before you start. These rules and regulations are not easy to get around, especially when the official language used is Arabic. Much of the foreign world does not speak the language and desperately require a company that would help with legal hassles. This is where BBMS steps in. With over eight years of experience in helping companies set up in Qatar, BBMS is the prominent company formation expert that caters to the SME market place.

Are you looking to for a stress-free way to start your company in Qatar and do you need professional assistance to help you in the process. If your answer to both these questions is “yes”, then reach out to us at or call us at +974 4012 0333 and we would be happy to help you make your business idea a reality.

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