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Affiliate marketing in 2020 (Part - 2)

After Taina researched and got an idea about Affiliate business and its working, she was skeptical about the growth and future of this business. So she decided to search more information about the future of Affiliate business in the coming years and how she can have her business setup in Qatar.

With the growing rate of blogs and bloggers and the importance and usage of social media in the current generation, it has allowed affiliates to promote products in many different ways. More and more companies are working hard to incorporate affiliate marketing strategy in their digital marketing plan. Nearly 81% of the brands participate in affiliate marketing.

By 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is forecasted to reach the $8 billion mark, nearly double compared to its worth in 2015.

Affiliate reporting tools are becoming more advanced and are migrating to a full-funnel, cross-channel approach that divides sales commissions between various affiliates at different levels of the funnel. As many affiliate programs run with last-click attribution where the affiliate receiving the last click before the sale gets 100% of the credit for the conversion, through this advanced structure a clearer picture helps in structuring the commissions in a way that an affiliate without the last click also acquires some percentage of the credit for the sale.

Voice searches are on the rise as the usage of Alexa, Siri and Cortana are rapidly growing; the affiliate industry will need to optimize more quality content for voice searches. Publishers are aiming to engage with their audience in the form of audio and video content as it's becoming much relevant. To make the most of voice assistants, the content will need to be optimized specifically for it.

Increase in Mobile Friendly affiliate programs as 40% of people will bounce away from a site that isn't mobile-friendly. Thus having a mobile-friendly site is essential, and it is essential for a publisher to provide mobile-friendly content as the majority of prospects prefer accessing content through mobiles or tablets. Push traffic may slow down due to the frustration of customers due to these ads, even though they are still effective e-commerce. The more the consumers modify their settings and preferences to stop viewing pop-up ads, the less relevant they will be.

Expectancy to see more Affiliate marketing agencies in the year 2020 will increase as most retailers don't have an in-house expert to devote to affiliate marketing and analysis. To grow sales and save on salaries, more companies are now depending on affiliate agencies to do the work for them. Hiring an agency also allows the company to focus on other things as the affiliate agency has proven experience in bringing the best to the table; they will find the affiliates who will suit your business and the best strategies to your business.

Here are few of the Affiliate Marketing Channels:

Influencers: An influencer already holds the power of impacting a large group of population into buying a product, hence they are considered as a perfect fit for this line of work as the product they promote to their consumers or followers is built on a level of trust and resonance.

Bloggers: Bloggers are dependable on their proficiency in SEO. They drive traffic to the website and improve the seller's sales by sampling a product or service and writing a comprehensive review that promotes the brand.

Paid search focused minorities: Micro-sites are advertised within a partner site or on the sponsored listings; they are distinct from the organisation's main site. They are increasingly sought after due to their direct call to action and straightforwardness.

Email lists: Email marketing is still a valid source of affiliate marketing income. To promote the seller's products, few affiliates have an email list, and others may use email newsletters to attach hyperlinks to products and gain a commission after the consumer makes a purchase.

Large media websites: This method offers immense exposure and top-notch revenue for both the seller and the affiliate as these websites are designed to create a tremendous amount of traffic at all times; generating millions of audience. They promote their products using banners and contextual affiliate links.

As the number of affiliate marketing agencies is increasing day by day which overwhelms the users as they find it difficult to choose from; BBMS is known for its PRO services and will be of immense help in connecting you as an affiliate to the right company for you and BBMS also provides you with the best affiliating companies in Qatar; removing all the confusions regarding the authenticity and the effectiveness of affiliate marketing in Qatar. Call us at +974 40120333 or email us at for a no obligation consultation.


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