100% Foreign Owned Company's in Qatar

Daniel has had many ideas in the 5 months he has been visiting Qatar, however, nothing bothers him more than the fact that he has to write off 51% of his stake to a complete stranger. His mission to find out a 100% foreign owned option in Qatar has led him to multiple entities, however, BBMS was one entity that was open to sharing everything they knew to help him in his quest. Multiple requests passed and not once did they push their agenda on setting up in a way that was not comfortable for him. BBMS made it very clear that there are a few ways to set up as a 100% foreign owned company. Below is a list of the various types of entities that can be registered as a 100% foreign-owned entity: 1

Do I need to attest my certificate in Qatar?

Sharon took her first job outside her home country. A big leap and a bigger decision. Having never left her own comfort zone, she was excited and cautious at the same time. Sharon took a long time to decide where she would go but the decision was quite simple once she realised she got a job that matched her profile and interests in Qatar. Her love for sport and passion for education made the decision a simple one once the offer was made. Her entire process to come into the country was a smooth one, but her employer did not make it clear to her that she would have to now get her ID. Her initial assumption was the work visa she came into the country was going to be the only paperwork she neede

Qatar Driver's License

Harris, Prakash and Raymond all were hired by a company in Qatar to fill in management roles. Harris was a new recruit while Prakash was changing jobs after a 6 month stint with his first company. Raymond was straight out of a B-school and eager to join in. BBMS helped them through the process of getting their Visas and ID’s done. BBMS was kind enough to help them get their family Visas processed as well. In their time in Qatar, they all realised that getting around from point A to B is a bit difficult without a car. All 3 were eligible to get a company car, but all 3 needed to get their licenses transferred to a Qatari License. The representative from BBMS was quick to explain that the proc

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