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Do I need to attest my certificate in Qatar?

Sharon took her first job outside her home country. A big leap and a bigger decision. Having never left her own comfort zone, she was excited and cautious at the same time. Sharon took a long time to decide where she would go but the decision was quite simple once she realised she got a job that matched her profile and interests in Qatar. Her love for sport and passion for education made the decision a simple one once the offer was made. Her entire process to come into the country was a smooth one, but her employer did not make it clear to her that she would have to now get her ID. Her initial assumption was the work visa she came into the country was going to be the only paperwork she needed to work in Qatar. However, she soon realised that she needed to get her certificates attested at the ministry of foreign affairs in Qatar. This was a mandatory requirement when it comes to getting her Qatar ID.

Her school directed her to BBMS, the partner company of the school that handled PRO services for the school. BBMS was quick to notice that the process of getting an ID would take a little longer as she needed to get her educational certificates attested. The attestation would start at her university/college where she studied. This was a far easier task when she was in her home country but now she is thousands of kilometers from home and her university and this was going to make things difficult.

BBMS clearly mentioned that she would need to get a few signatures completed before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would attestest the documentation. The steps were very clear.

Since Sharon studied in India, her certificates need to be attested from the relevant Government Body in India before MOFA would attest the same. For MOFA to attest, they would require the respective Embassy of Qatar in India to attest and the Embassy will only attest if the Foreign Ministry of India was going to attest the paper. They will only attest it if the Human Resource Department which falls under the purview of the Ministry of Education would attest it. HRD would attest only if the University Attests and the University will attest only if the respective institution under the University attests. This endless back to back attestation is a difficult process without Sharon being on ground however, BBMS was quick to give suggestions on entities that could assist them in the process.

The complete process took Sharon a total of 45 days, however this is completely because of the process in the country that the whole process took place.

For each country, the process may be different, however, the underlying factor is that there needs to be an attestation from the Qatar Embassy in the Country of origin. For the Embassy to get this attestation done, they will require one to have certain mandatory process’ and procedures completed depending on the country in question where the embassy is based.

Understanding the process is paramount in getting the certificates attested and getting the correct information for such an understanding is what BBMS offers. Attestations are a mandatory requirement for the documents to be accepted as original documents in Qatar and cannot be circumvented. This makes it an important part of your process.

BBMS would be happy to help you in any PRO services and can do so if you request. Feel free to reach out at +974 40 120 333 or email at

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