Common mistakes best avoided when starting a business in Qatar

"Business is not for me." "I cannot wrap my head around the legal hassles." "What if my investment does not get its returns?" "You can't enter a business with an exit clause in your back pocket." These and many more monologues always pop up in the mind, when you think of starting a business on your own. Sure, doubts and more doubts is the way for a successful venture. But, what if you stumble? Qatar has opened its economy to the rest of the world and starting your own business in the country has become more inviting than ever before. While there is no dearth of opportunities to leverage by setting up your business entity in Qatar, there are a few pitfalls one must be cautious about. To help

Update on Qatar's visa policies: A good time to visit, invest and fly high

It's been a great year for Mr. Salim. His business has been able to achieve all the set goals. From a one-room shop in India, he has been able to grow roots in countries all over the world. As he stands looking at the world map pegged in his office, his eyes stop at a destination that has been on his mind for a long time—Qatar. It is for people like Mr. Salim that the change in the entry visa provisions for Indians looking to invest or work in Qatar seems more attractive than ever before. Indian expatriates along with those of 80 other countries now enjoy the ease of staying in Qatar for up to 30 days without the need for getting a prior visa. The leniency will not only make it easy for Indi

Why 2022 is a goldmine of opportunities

Much has changed for Mr. Khalid in 10 years. His one-office machinery supplying business now has offices in four countries in the Middle East. His prospects have never been better. And, he has Orry to thank for that. When Orry marched proudly for the Asian Games in 2006, he brought with him new skylines and opportunities for those hoping to make it big in Qatar. Khalid is no football fan, but he is excited about 2022. It's changing everywhere. The laws, the way of doing business—it's only forward from now. Sport to Qatar is what Mickey Mouse is to Walt Disney. One can't do without the other. Over two decades, the country has hosted some significant sporting events, catapulting it onto a glob

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