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Update on Qatar's visa policies: A good time to visit, invest and fly high

Qatar Visa Policies

It's been a great year for Mr. Salim. His business has been able to achieve all the set goals. From a one-room shop in India, he has been able to grow roots in countries all over the world. As he stands looking at the world map pegged in his office, his eyes stop at a destination that has been on his mind for a long time—Qatar.

It is for people like Mr. Salim that the change in the entry visa provisions for Indians looking to invest or work in Qatar seems more attractive than ever before.

Indian expatriates along with those of 80 other countries now enjoy the ease of staying in Qatar for up to 30 days without the need for getting a prior visa. The leniency will not only make it easy for Indian expats to enter Qatar but will allow more interest and investment into Qatar by foreign nationals.

While the news has been well received by countries allowed under this provision, Indian workers are particularly to gain from this gesture as this means saving money as well as time that was earlier devoted to the process of acquiring a visa for Qatar.

The countries have been split into 2 main categories: Category 1 visa holders will be allowed 180 days of valid visa from the date of entry into the country. And a total of 90 days either during multiple trips or a single trip, where the stay is non-extendable. This includes visitors with passports from countries like Austria, Germany, Denmark and Finland among others.

The 30-day Category 2 visa, allows a further extension of 30 more days. While the visa is valid for 30 days from the date of entry, if you change your mind and want to stay longer, you have the option of extending the visa by another 30 days without any extra cost. Like Category 1 visa, you are allowed multiple entries into Qatar during this time period.

Good News for Indian Expatriates

As opposed to the earlier rule, Indian expatriates visiting Qatar will not be required to apply for a visa. The introduction of a multi-entry waiver that will be issued free of cost at the airport during the time of entry will not only save Indian visitors the hassle of applying for a visa in advance but also ensure quick processing of the same. Further to a recent update, the visa-on-arrival for Indians is valid for 30 days only and cannot be extended. The visitor will have to present their valid passport with a minimum validity of six months along with a confirmed return ticket, credit or debit card and a hotel reservation.

When you arrive On arrival, visitors will be directed towards the passport control counter at the immigration counter for the required formalities.

This move positions Qatar as one of the more lenient countries in the region. Working in Qatar or seeking work opportunities in the country will gain further traction given the massive scope of development lined up for the next couple of years, backed by the ease of entering the country. With the relaxation of the exit permits for foreign workers, this ensures there is more interest in the country as Indian contractors and expatriates will be keen to venture into Qatar for better prospects.

Furthermore, Indians will not be asked to show proof of the host’s salary certificate or any other tenancy contracts to get a visa on arrival. This means Indian workers or prospective workers and businessmen have the opportunity to gauge the Qatari market before committing to working there or starting their own venture. This transparency and ease of entering the country is bound to lure in more and more expatriates from India.

And that is where we, BBMS, step in to help you. Our aim is to partner with you when you start on your business adventure in Qatar by providing you up-to-date information that will assist you in making the best choices for your requirements. We ensure our clients get top-notch company formation and PRO services that put them on the right track to success.

If you are looking to understand the best way to invest into the country, feel free to reach out to us at or call us at +974 4012 0333.

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