The 4 C's of Business

Aasif and Hamad have been in Qatar for about 20 years each. Together, they pretty much know who is who in the country. However, neither ventured to start a business until Philip, a classmate of theirs from the UK, visited them. All three started on the same platform of the same prestigious university, but Philip was way ahead of them. Ten years back, he took the plunge to become an entrepreneur, and this was life-changing for him. Over their recent meeting, Philip persuaded them to start a business using their current skill sets to help them. He was ready to incentivise his dear friends from his youth to kick start them into the realm of business. For Aasif and Hamad, there was a critical pr

Unified Visa portal for Qatar - What it means!

Abdul woke up in the morning hearing the Minister of the Interior of Qatar has launched several e-portals which provide people with a wealth of information about Qatar and the various events held throughout the year. This initiative has had a very positive influence on the number of visitors to the country. Speaking at the press conference held at the Ministry of Business and Industry, the Director of Visa Support Services Department, in association with the Minister of the Interior, Major Abdullah Khalifa Al Mohannadi said that this service, the Qatar Visa e-portal, through Hukoomi, outlined the service’s objectives and rules to facilitate understanding and ease of use, as well as a few off

Can you Leverage your brand for FIFA 2022

Sam scrolls through the news section of his phone every day like he usually does, bored out of his mind but today he suddenly stops, and his eyes widen as he rereads the same headline twice, thrice and ten times; 'Qatar named final host of both the FIFA Club World Cup 2020 and the FIFA World Cup 2022! - Qatar is the first west Asian nation and also the smallest country to host a FIFA World Cup.' He cannot contain his excitement as soon as he reads it because it is quite an undeniable fact that the Qataris are incredibly passionate about football and their recent victory at Asia Cup embedded into the country's memory so profoundly that it laid the foundation to amp up Qatar's national sports

How to navigate Qatar’s Information and Communication Strategy - Part 2

Ahmed’s ambitions on setting up his travel business was compelling and he continued his research on MoTC and how ICT strategy could help him in his endeavour. His research revealed a lot of interesting aspects of Qatar and its rules. Since travel agencies are in a way related to e-commerce, one should have certain knowledge regarding e-Commerce law. The Ministry of Transport and Communications has increased the pace of ICT adoption among all sectors of the society with the help of a transparent and robust online system for all government operations, as well as the public. i-Gov has been a major source of improvement for access to information, and it has made it more convenient for companies

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