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Unified Visa portal for Qatar - What it means!

Abdul woke up in the morning hearing the Minister of the Interior of Qatar has launched several e-portals which provide people with a wealth of information about Qatar and the various events held throughout the year. This initiative has had a very positive influence on the number of visitors to the country. 

Speaking at the press conference held at the Ministry of Business and Industry, the Director of Visa Support Services Department, in association with the Minister of the Interior, Major Abdullah Khalifa Al Mohannadi said that this service, the Qatar Visa e-portal, through Hukoomi, outlined the service’s objectives and rules to facilitate understanding and ease of use, as well as a few official announcements. 

They are as follows:-

  1. The applicant must submit their application for a visa within a period from 4 to 90 days before travel, and the passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Qatar. This is to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

  2. Develop e-services for the use of the public and contribute to the promotion of economic growth as envisioned by the State to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030. This achievement will be a morale boost for the citizens of Qatar.

  3. We are making the entry and exit of visitors to Qatar easier by implementing various programs, such as enabling citizens of over 80 countries to obtain immediate visas for entering Hamad International Airport, which makes Qatar one of the most welcoming and open lands in the world.

  4. The Qatar Visa Portal also includes a unique ‘events’ section containing all the details of the events held in the country, which allows the public to stay informed about the on-going activities in Qatar. The portal is designed by the Ministry of the Interior, in collaboration with several agencies, each of which is assigned tasks tailored to its strengths for maximum efficiency. 

  5. The Qatar Visa Centre portal contains a set of special sections which provide all the details of events held in the country, thus allowing both the Qatari public and foreigners to see and stay informed about all the events in Qatar.

  6. Qatar currently has more than 14 visa centres operating in more than six countries. More than 140,000 visas have been issued since which is indicative of the rate of growth of these centres. There is an increase in services provided, as seen by the fact that the number of Visa applicants reach up to 1800 every day. 

  7. The next Qatar Visa Centre to open is in Tunisia.

  8. Lt. Col. Jassim Al Sayyed, the Director of Security Systems Department who was present at the Ministry of Interior and Head of the Technical Affairs Unit at the Security Committee of Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy explained the aim of the portal which is ensuring the simplification of the entry procedures of Qatar. 

  9. He also highlighted the fact that the portal specialises in providing tourist visa services, which enables tourists to attend significant events such as sporting events that are hosted annually by the State of Qatar.

  10. A press conference held in the presence of the Spokesperson of Security Committee of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy Lt. Col. Dr Jabr Hamoud Al Noaimi and Assistant Director of Public Relations Department of MOI Maj. Mubarak Salim Al Bouainain.

This e-portal and the conference provides a clear picture to the tourists and travellers about the events and the days on which they are held, which would attract more visitors to them, both from outside and within Qatar. Moreover, the simplification and relaxation of the Visa Policies are guaranteed to attract more tourists and business’ to Qatar.

This means that Visiting Qatar to start a new company or even better, to scout to see if your business has any traction has become exponentially easier. Call BBMS if you are looking to set up a company in Qatar at +974 40120333 or email us at


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