New Rules On Bounced Cheques In Qatar

Riyaz had newly started a textile showroom in Qatar. He wrote a cheque to the wholesaler who he bought the stock from but forgot to sign it. Due to this reason, his cheque bounced. Riyaz then started wondering what could be the other reasons why cheques bounce. Why do cheques bounce? A bounced cheque is a cheque that cannot be processed primarily due to an insufficient amount of money in the account holder’s account. But there are various other reasons as well due to which a cheque may bounce: When the bank finds a cheque fraudulent, it bounces it. When the signature is not correct, or the cheque is not signed at all. The cheque is post-dated or more than six months old. If the cheques are n

The Economic Growth Of Qatar For 2019-2020

Qatar is a major exporter of gas, and Yasir’s gas business was thriving. But unfortunately, due to the diplomatic rift with the neighbouring nations, it saw economic growth of only 1.4% in 2018, lower than 1.6% in 2017. However, Yasir was relieved when the Qatar Central Bank stated in its 2018 report that ‘despite the slow GDP growth than the previous, economic growth outlook is positive for 2019.’ The central bank also said that economic growth would accelerate remarkably over the following two years as there’s an expectation of continued strong exports and stable oil prices. In 2018, the growth was estimated to have recovered by 2.1% because the activities have recovered from the diplomati

How to navigate Qatar’s Information and Communication Strategy - Part 1

On a sunny morning in the year 2015, Ahmed decided to venture out and set up his own travel agency, so he looked up the National ICT Strategy implemented in Qatar. It had paved the way that leads to the legal formation of an entity. He found out that the strategy improved information access. It also encouraged fairness and transparency in business. One of the major goals was to bring an increase in the literacy rate in the society. The National ICT strategy involves a communications infrastructure that aims at enabling companies and individuals to have new technologies easily implemented and utilized in a smooth manner. The strategy guarantees the installation of a national, high-speed broad

Investing into the Qatar Stock Exchange

Shahab It's a bright future in the field of trading and decided to invest through the Qatar Stock Exchange. Qatar stock exchange, established in 1995, is one of the leading stock markets in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council; the economic union of Arab states ). It was formerly known as Doha Securities Market and later was renamed as Qatar Stock Exchange in 2009. It recently was upgraded by MSCI Inc. (Morgan Stanley Capital International and MSCI Barra) and S&P Dow Jones Indices. It is the principal of the stock market of Qatar and happens to be located in Doha. It deals in Qatari Riyal. It's aimed at providing support to Qatar's economy. Before investing in the stock exchange, one must have pre

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