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Investing into the Qatar Stock Exchange

Shahab It's a bright future in the field of trading and decided to invest through the Qatar Stock Exchange. Qatar stock exchange, established in 1995, is one of the leading stock markets in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council; the economic union of Arab states ). It was formerly known as Doha Securities Market and later was renamed as Qatar Stock Exchange in 2009.

It recently was upgraded by MSCI Inc. (Morgan Stanley Capital International and MSCI Barra) and S&P Dow Jones Indices.

It is the principal of the stock market of Qatar and happens to be located in Doha. It deals in Qatari Riyal. It's aimed at providing support to Qatar's economy.

Before investing in the stock exchange, one must have precise knowledge regarding the steps associated with trading in QSE.

Want to invest in Qatar Stock Exchange?

Here is the guide which will provide you with all the necessary information about trading in the QSE

Initial step: Registration and Broker!

To begin trading on QSE, you are required to get registered at Qatar Securities Depository. It is mandatory for all, be it a local or a foreigner, an individual or a company. Also, you'll need a broker who'll act as an intermediate. He is a key player. Currently, there are 11 licensed stockbroker firms. Once done with all this, you are ready to begin.

Buying and Selling shares

Proper information exchange is the key!

Once done with the first step, you are ready to buy and sell shares in QSE.

But make sure your broker is provided with the proper information and instructions. Such information will lead to the appropriate execution of the transaction promptly.

The information to be provided to the broker :

  • Time and Validity of the order.

  • The name of the company in which you want to invest.

  • The number of shares you want to buy or sell.

  • Your investment capacity, etc.

Also, make sure that all your brokerage applications are appropriately signed and stamped along with date and time. This will safeguard your rights and claims in the event of a dispute.

Types of buy/sell orders

  • Valid for a day.

  • Valid for a week.

  • Valid for a month.

You can choose the type you would like to go for from the above mentioned.

Completing a transaction

After the completion of your transaction, your broker will send you a notification on the date of execution. A statement of accounts, reflecting all your brokerage activities, can also be obtained by you. Contact the brokerage firms for further details.

Monitoring your investment portfolio

QSE provides investors with several methods for tracking the performance of their investors. Real-time information can be obtained by viewing prices on the QSE website.

Other ways of getting delayed information are:

  1. Accessing stock price movements by computer terminals.

  2. By reading the share prices in the newspaper.

  3. By reviewing the listed company's reports (Quarterly, semi-annual annual reports).


The cost includes brokerage fees, service costs, etc.

However, Shahab had a few other queries that he needed answers before he went ahead with the decision to invest in the Qatar Stock Exchange.

Other queries answered:

  1. How to determine share prices? Just like any other security market, the prices in QSE are determined by the interplay of supply and demand.

  2. How to choose an appropriate broker? You should always choose a broker from one of the eleven licensed firms as it will ensure safety. Visit the QSE website and avail the list of all the brokerage companies. You can also contact QSE by phone and obtain the necessary information required to select a broker.

  3. What is the commission charged by the broker? They are authorized to charge a commission on both purchase and sale transactions. It is QR 2.75 per QR 1000 of the transacted value. For further information, visit the QSE website.

But what would work best for you? Ask us and get quality assistance! Our team of experts will ensure you get the perfect advice and support. Ring us on +974 40120333 or shoot us an email at, and we will get to you right back!

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