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Can you Leverage your brand for FIFA 2022

Sam scrolls through the news section of his phone every day like he usually does, bored out of his mind but today he suddenly stops, and his eyes widen as he rereads the same headline twice, thrice and ten times; 'Qatar named final host of both the FIFA Club World Cup 2020 and the FIFA World Cup 2022! - Qatar is the first west Asian nation and also the smallest country to host a FIFA World Cup.' He cannot contain his excitement as soon as he reads it because it is quite an undeniable fact that the Qataris are incredibly passionate about football and their recent victory at Asia Cup embedded into the country's memory so profoundly that it laid the foundation to amp up Qatar's national sports day. Sam doesn't stop with jumping in excitement, but he also "shares" this news article to all of his friends and they begin to plan for the big 'days'. 

Sports has grown enormously to become one of the most promising sectors of development in Qatar. It is also one of the most accessible and easiest ways to reach the audience-by leveraging your brand, especially for FIFA 2020. 

 Now, why FIFA? At the Qatar @roadto2022 exhibition, Fatma al-Nuaimi, the SC Communications Director said the photographs exhibit the vital role football plays in Qatar's society. "We're a diverse nation, with many nationalities and cultures. Football brings everyone together - it doesn't matter where you come from or what language you speak; we all understand football."

Brands often catch the FIFA World Cup fever to push sales during this football season; many big brands and small brands successfully capitalise on real-time opportunities and trending social media topics while dodging the bull's eye. Here's how they did it without spending big bucks: 

Keeping an eye on the competition: It's crucial and nearly impossible to keep in track of the sponsored campaigns to understand what's working and gain similar momentum. For example, if other brands are reacting to specific incidents, like when Uruguay's Luis Suarez bit an Italian defender, it may be relevant for you to get in the game as well. Non-sponsor Snickers did just that and was mentioned more than 6,500 times on Twitter posts related to Suarez and the World Cup. (The 2014 Suarez bite)

 Do your research: If you're looking for a connection to a specific event, existing data becomes crucial. For example, a recent ING survey of 8,000 people in 15 countries found that Argentine and Russian fans planned to spend more on soccer shirts, posters and hats during the World Cup (around $65). Americans planned on spending $16. 

Be prepared: Anything can happen at a global event. The market for fan gear could underperform in a particular country after its national team loses a match. A startup may not have funds to waste on unsold inventory. Try to create products that leverage two or more countries or teams in one design or create an all-inclusive product. At the very least, if one team loses, there's still potential for sales. 

Keeping track of your customers: Taking the social media game to the next level by keeping track of your customers' online chatter about matches, consistently creating posts or memes around defining moments and sneakily pegging your products to continually engage your target audience and increase recall value at every step.

Marketing ambush: Many brands don't want to put in the dime to sponsor the FIFA World Cup, but they still wish to participate along with the association the spectacle may bring. Kenny McCallum, general manager of global football at New Balance, said: "There are hundreds of brands that activate outside these sponsorships so clearly there is a benefit, there has to be; otherwise they wouldn't be doing it." For example Pizza delivery brand Domino's used the World Cup to forward its 'The Official Food of' campaign; this time England veteran Jimmy Bullard, one of the best players to never play for England, represents the true spirit of watching football from the comfort of your own home.

The World Cup will not only change Qatar's status as a pioneer in promoting the sport in the region; given the sport's cultural significance in Qatar but also elevate the brand to market themselves in front of the world. It requires thinking outside the box; strategising as a team and hints of creativity and brilliance to score the winning goal.

Are you ready to get your business to the next level by leveraging the upcoming FIFA 2022 world cup? Come and talk with the experts who will help you set up a legal entity in Qatar. Call BBMS at +974 40120333 or email at


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