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Qatar Driver's License

Harris, Prakash and Raymond all were hired by a company in Qatar to fill in management roles. Harris was a new recruit while Prakash was changing jobs after a 6 month stint with his first company. Raymond was straight out of a B-school and eager to join in.

BBMS helped them through the process of getting their Visas and ID’s done. BBMS was kind enough to help them get their family Visas processed as well. In their time in Qatar, they all realised that getting around from point A to B is a bit difficult without a car. All 3 were eligible to get a company car, but all 3 needed to get their licenses transferred to a Qatari License.

The representative from BBMS was quick to explain that the process would be different for all 3 and that it would be a little more complicated for one than the other. The basic paperwork requirements for applying for their licences were the same, however, the process post application was a little more different.

The basic requirements are as follows:

1. NOC from the company stating that they can get a License

2. Existing Licence of home country

3. QID of Individual

4.Eye test by an approved practitioner

This is where the process started to diversify for each person:

A) Harris had a British Licence, and this made it very easy for him. Britain and Qatar have an agreement that allow’s British License to be converted to a Qatari one with the express approval of the Officer in Charge. This meant that Harris would have his license as soon as he applied and could simply convert it without any further tests. Converting is acceptable if you have your license from Romania, Bosnia, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, France, Serbia, Poland, Portugal or Malaysia as well.

B) Prakash had an Indian License and would need to go for half the classes provided the Officer in Charge would accept his License. This meant that he needed to undertake classes for 20 days of the expected 40 days. This also required him to undergo the Theory tests as well as parking and road tests. Each of these meant that he would have to get the required dates as available. Half courses are accepted for licenses issued from Eritrea, Ghana, Somalia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, North KOrea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan, China, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and Egypt.

C) Raymond needed to take the test from the beginning as he would need to complete the full course (40 days of classes) that was required. Raymond had never got a License prior to coming to Qatar. He really did not need it and as such it did not bother him as every place he was, had adequate public transportation and this was not needed. In Qatar, the process was very different and so he was forced to go through and learn how to drive even though he was not exactly eager to do so. Raymond would have to undergo the Theory classes for the stipulated 2 weeks, write the theory test and only if he passes that move on to the classes for both road and Parking. Once he was ready after the mandatory 40 days of training, he would need to write the test for parking; pass it before applying for the road test. The road test would then be conducted by a police officer who would assess him in his capacity to drive. Only after succeeding this test would he be able to get his license.

Another applicable scenario that would be accepted is, if your license is issued from the Czech Republic, Argentina, Croatia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Japan, Sweden, Cyprus, Finland, USA, Austria, Norway, New Zealand, Lithuania, Holland, Hungary, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, Singapore, Switzerland, Estonia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Slovakia, Australia or Greece. For such licenses you have the option of writing the Theory Exam and then attempting the road test to get your license converted directly to a Qatar Drivers License. Here no classes are required.

The tests are scheduled in such a way that if the participant fails the parking test over 4 times, he would have to repeat the 40 days course. Likewise, if the Road Test is not completed within 2 attempts, the student would then have to redo the 40 day course until he is able to get his licence. It is not uncommon that individuals do not get their licence in the first attempt and that there are multiple attempts needed to get through the course.

If you or someone you know is looking for insights on PRO services and how to handle PRO services within Qatar, whether it is for a license or another purpose, then BBMS is the company you need to turn to. Harris, Prakash and Raymond will vouch for the assistance that BBMS has given them in their time to get their licenses. Feel free to reach BBMS at +974 40120333 or email at

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