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Opening of fitness centers/ fitness business in Qatar

James works 9 to 5 every day and sometimes he has to work overtime, while that brings him credibility in his workplace and he was doing great, he knew he wasn’t doing great. He skipped breakfast almost every day and the maximum physical activity he did was walking up to the elevator. He knew he had to get off his chair and do something about it but “what?” and “how?” were the two mindboggling questions that he couldn’t find the right answers for.

These aren’t just a problem for James but the majority of the working people in Qatar. This rising need for fitness and wellness in Qatar provides the perfect time to set up a fitness centre. The wellness market in Qatar is poised for significant growth reaching $2.3billion by 2020, according to Ken Research- a global industry research and information Service Company.

The major reason for the growth in the market is the increase in the demand for the services offered by fitness centres. Health and fitness in Qatar have shown substantial growth over the last couple of years and has shown no signs of slowing down. By going through the demands of the people and what they expect of a ‘fitness centre,’ it is quite evident that a place with just machinery is not what they’re looking for.

1. Customized plan- Every individual’s goal is different in a gym, and so a personalized plan only seems apt.

2. Clothing counter- More than classifying this as an excuse, this is a tough everyday decision, especially for the ladies. Therefore by having a clothing counter inside the fitness centre which doesn’t require you to buy the clothes but rent them for your time at the gym; it would be relatively cheaper while also giving the person an excitement of wearing new clothes. Not to mention, by reusing these clothes it can also be considered to be eco-friendly.

3. Personal training cliché- If you don’t have a personal trainer in a gym, you often look like a lost child in a carnival. Members are nudged to pay the extra amount to have a personal trainer to have someone explain how the equipment works. Hence having a fitness centre where trainers actually “train” everybody to a certain extent and personal training is given to the ones who find it an absolute need will be probable.

It is essential to keep in mind that despite the popularity of fitness right now, 80% of new fitness clubs shut down during their first year of operation due to various factors and considerations. But with a proper plan, your fitness centre has every chance to grow into anything and everything you want it to be. Valuable pointers for opening a fitness club are mentioned below:

1. Establishing your fitness club’s mission: Why do you want to open a fitness club? – as it is going to stand as a crucial reason for your gym’s success.

2. How are the customers benefited from our gym that they won't find it somewhere else?

3. Setting your gym’s budget; more importantly, sticking to it.

4. Location Research: this includes rent and utility costs, proximity to high traffic or congested areas, your gym’s location with the competition, parking access and reasonable pricing according to the geography of the target audience.

5. Technicalities: Registration of your business, creating a business tax identification indicator and obtaining both business insurance and liability insurance.

6. The fun part: The kind of machines and weights to be placed at the gym (machines and weights), it should also be selected with the age of digitalization in mind.

7. Interiors: Your gym’s interior design should create an environment that motivates your clients to workout there and should also fit the tone or vibe of your fitness club. (more importantly for the Instagram worthy pictures of your clients)

8. Marketing your gym: You need to be active on social media channels to connect with your local audience. Register your gym as a business on google and a user-friendly website for your gym will also be of great appeal.

By opening a gym in Qatar, it doesn’t mean satiating the demand for fitness and health alone but also improving the lifestyle of the people altogether. It requires patience, dedication and care. As a company formation specialist company, BBMS will be of immense help in setting up a fitness centre and building a better future for and for your business. Call us at +974 40120333 or email us at for a no-obligation consultation.


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