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Qatari Company Formation Process: Obtaining the Trade License, Establishment Card

BBMS has just helped Jacob Register a new company by getting his Commercial Registration for his new LLC. If you missed out on the process, then please read here. BBMS is helping him now to get his Trade License.

The Trade License is taken in an approved space for the new company that is approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Formerly Ministry of Economy and Commerce) for conducting business activities that you have registered in your Commercial Registration. This means that Jacob must rent a place for a period of 12 months to get this License.

BBMS was happy to help in getting the license but at the end of the day, the responsibility to find a place for setting up a company and having his own offices were left to Jacob. The prearranged contract with BBMS stated that Jacob needed to find a place but even with this stipulation, when Jacob hit a dead wall, BBMS was quick to assist.

BBMS was quick to recommend business centres that they usually work with as these are perfect for the process of getting Jacob’s Trade Licenses completed. He had to submit his new 12-month lease agreement which is a requirement by the stipulated Government body that issues the Trade License, along with various other documents which BBMS assisted Jacob in collating together. Some of the documents required included photos of the building along with the original building documentation that was issued to the owner of the building when it was completed. Civil Defence approval was another requirement that was stipulated for the issue of the Trade License, however since business centres are preapproved, this sped up the process.

Jacob was informed aforehand that this would be one of the longest processes in terms of time required to get approvals. This is because the office space is subject to inspection as well.

For Jacob, an important factor he understood from going through this process was that even the nuances that he did not expect, he got from BBMS. Their team was well versed in ensuring that even the smallest factors were not forgotten. BBMS went ahead and obtained the Establishment Card on behalf of the company. They even checked with Jacob to ensure that he did not need to have any items imported into the country to start his business. When enquiring, Jacob was made aware that to import goods into the country, he would need to register his new company under the Qatar customs and delegating customs clearance single window facility.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Jacob was told that his company was going to be registered under the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs where the first Labour Quota application was submitted for approval from the Government.

As Jacob was not a resident, BBMS assisted him in getting a Residence Permit as the General Manager of the company. He was further added as the signatory of the company’s Establishment Card (Formerly called Computer Card).

Once this was completed, Jacob was informed that his company is now fully formed and operationally independent. Any further PRO Services that was required for the company, BBMS was ready to assist Jacob in his company.

If you or someone you know is looking to set up a company, end to end, and wants to do so without the hassles of understanding the required process in depth, but would like a professional service whom you can trust, please reach out to us at BBMS via email at or call us at +974 40 120 333.

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