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Arbitrary Laws in Qatar and its Impact

Hassan was reading the newspaper when he first came to know about the new Arbitration Law of Qatar. He felt it was imperative as he was usually involved in a lot of arbitrations as part of his profession. As a legal figure, his expertise was almost always called into service by many a large business or corporation out there. After Hassan came upon the entire report on the news, he decided that he had to learn all about it, or his daily living would be in jeopardy. That’s why he went to one of the ablest and successful businesses, Bethel Business and Management Services, in terms of facilitating business processes in general, including business setup in Qatar. One of the main reasons is because the new law would be passed after a while, and he knew trusting news sources was a risk he couldn’t afford.

When he came in touch with a consultant at BBMS, Hassan knew he was put in the hands of an expert who had firsthand experience in the development of Law No. (2) of 2017 (Civil and Commercial Arbitration Law), or the New Law. The consultant said it was most definitely going to take the place of the Old Law, or Law No. (13) in the Qatar Commercial and Civil Code. He also said that he was going to explain in a stepwise manner, and it’d be best if Hassan paid a visit to BBMS offices. Hassan wasted no time, and after a few short hours, he learned what all the key objectives of the New Law exactly were. They were obviously about arbitration, but there were a few significant points of concern, according to the consultants from BBMS. They mainly focused upon new rules for agreements to arbitrate, proper delineation regarding nullifying or enforcing arbitral awards, the specific tribunals, and Courts of Appeals, as well as adhering to arbitration laws administered by the UN or the ICC.

Hassan had experience in representing or challenging international business representatives within the country, so it’s natural he focused upon that aspect first. The consultant from BBMS stated the fact that the New Law was very close to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law’s Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration (UNCITRAL Model Law). It is mostly in a pro forma state, which can then be implemented as an actual domestic law, and it has happened across 74 countries. However, Hassan came to know that there were a few changes to the New Law regarding some provisions, which had a high impact upon new businesses. Not only could they determine what exactly the order of companies was, but they have several different options to choose from. He felt that new businesses had now a higher allowance to stand their ground due to the New Law, and it made the entire process a more even affair. He had experienced clients who had to adhere to agreeing upon the worst-case scenarios, but these new laws made it possible that arbitrating awards were more positively valid.

The entire case of new businesses were also affected by the Agreement standards too, since he had seen that some companies upon gaining some rightful awards had them denied because of some technical issue in the Agreement. BBMS related that the New Law was an immense improvement upon the old one, and there was no denying the fact that the situation that seemed contradictory and wrongful were taken care of, under it. In the coming months, Hassan was able to thoroughly learn and implement all that was necessary for achieving all that he had learned about the New Law.

If you, like him, need clarification or more in-depth knowledge about any legal aspects or outcomes of the Law in Qatar, then Bethel Business and Management Services will be fully able to clear all your possible doubts. They are a storehouse of knowledge, and their advice can never be discarded.

Give them a call at +974 40120333 or email them at, and like Hassan, you can walk away with peace of mind.

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