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Foreign Investments in Qatar

Susan wondered whether her choice of setting up shop for her company in Qatar was the right move. For one, she had never visited the country but had read and heard a lot of positive reports about the economy and business in the state over the last few years. Susan was utterly taken aback and was astounded when she couldn't stop herself from agreeing to her boss' plans of expanding the business to Qatar. She was a crucial part of the planning and decision making management team in her company. Setting up a new entity in a new country was the most challenging task yet, which her employer had set upon her. It was expected to be successful. Early on, she recognized that there was a need to take some help from a consultancy within the country. Getting this point across to her team was necessary, and it ultimately revealed that treading the path of the unknown in Qatar required handy assistance from companies that offer that service. It was so right when you did not know the language either.

After she came across quite a few glowing reviews about a company called Bethel Business and Management Services, and she decided to reach out to them for an initial talk. The experts assigned to her case took time to have a reasonably long consultation session aiming to resolve and remove any doubt that may exist in Susan's mind about expanding businesses to Qatar. It was quite long as it probably should be, but Susan felt that her move was a mistake due to the overwhelming lack of facts about the opportunity. The lack of information impressed upon her mind that there was a lack of demand for companies coming in. Qatar is still setting roots into the world business scenario and is a new player but one to contend with none the same. It means that there might be some deep economic parameters that need to be considered before moving to set shop in Qatar. As a result, Susan walked into the consultation meeting with an oppressive negative mentality and was ready to ditch the process even before it started.

To Susan's surprise, this consultation session was an eye-opener. She was enlightened to so many facts about Qatar and its various opportunities, ones that she never fathomed about. The consultants from BBMS explained how Qatar was one of the most upcoming countries in the world and how, in such a short time, they were able to make a name for themselves and make a mark in the world arena. According to BBMS, Susan and her firm were heading in the right direction in terms of entering the global business stage. BBMS has been in this field of business for over ten years, and they have seen unparalleled growth in the economy.

The Government is primarily concerned about diversifying and balancing the economy so that the country would not have to be dependent upon the presence of a significant and widely available but single resource, namely petrochemicals (oil and gas). BBMS experts sent Susan legitimate data sources, which indicated the exact trade relations with the US and other countries, which had reached up to $26.7bn over the last five years. Moreover, 19.43% of Qatar's imports came from foreign countries, which showcased how the state was undoubtedly excited about doing International business.

BBMS also highlighted how the place had become a haven for international trade in the last decade with the level of expatriates living and working in the country predicted to rise significantly over the coming years. There were thousands of foreign businesses operating within the country, and government initiatives like Qatar Financial Center (QFC) had fundamentally changed the game. Susan wanted to know more about it, and the consultants related how it was a government agency that handled international businesses and their regulation not under the country's trade and commerce laws, instead, adhering to international standards. It has opened the country's potential to be the most facilitating trade center for businesses all around the world. It was knowing this specific fact that Susan's perceptions and state of mind began to be more accepting.

The consultants from BBMS were effective negotiators, and they related how the country's economy was in such a high state currently. Moreover, legislations much favored foreign investors in terms of conducting their business. The consultants eased concerns about setting up to expand a company from foreign countries as the process has been simplified, and the Government is now more receptive to help encourage foreign Investments.

Ultimately, Susan's doubts were effectively removed when the consultants walked her through the options available for setting up a business in Qatar. She also sought out the help and services of BBMS during the company set up, which went so smoothly that it led to a working relationship between her firm and BBMS that continues to this day.

If you want a long-term partner with such a great potential, then it's safe to say BBMS is always available to help and assist in getting you to your designation. Call BBMS at +974 40 120 333 or email them at

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