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What businesses should do in terms of understanding and utilizing all the Free Zones in Qatar

Omar is the owner of a food supply business for the small hotels in Musheireb Downtown area. He has been doing it for quite some time. But, the reports of the area being shut down to be classified as a Free Zone by the government in a recent news report made him quite concerned. The best that he could understand was that the highest powers in the country were going to spend a lot of money building a lot of things for foreign companies and investors. He couldn’t fathom where a relatively miniature business owner has a place in all of this, and he feared for his business’ survival. That’s why he contacted BBMS. BBMS is well-known in providing exceptional PRO Services in Qatar and could help Omar at such a critical juncture of indecision and fear, especially when he needed to move shop at such short notice.

BBMS who were receiving requests for PRO services within Qatar regarded the inquiries of Omar with urgency. Omar was impressed with them from the very beginning as they had assigned exceptionally professional consultants to handle the case in a fully dedicated fashion. These individuals were the main point of contact who was responsible for keeping him fully abreast of the situations at hand. Omar fully stated what his concerns were, and asked BBMS what the chances of his business’ survival were. He reported that he had to plan then to wind up his current company while looking for opportunities for an entirely new business setup. BBMS’s expertise had taught both representatives to always strive for the best options available, which they did - explaining the fact his business has all the chance for growth and proliferation instead of closing.

They explained to Omar what the basics of designating an area as a Free Zone pertain to. They explained to him attracting foreign investment meant that he could have a larger footprint to interact and conduct business with these new companies that were in the process of setting up, thereby making his business more prominent in the local economic value chain. It would give an innate opportunity for growth based upon exports and imports, which will increase the scope of Omar’s business like never before, and the result would be attracting a larger scale of profit that won’t compare to what he does currently. BBMS highlighted the fact that the entire economy would receive a boost like a shot of adrenaline in the arm if the case for Free Zones could be explained more simply.

Omar’s next question was natural, and BBMS representatives anticipated it fully. He asked the reason foreign investors and companies were coming to Qatar in the first place and what incentives they were getting. It was certainly the case for creating a pure entrepreneurial ecosystem, where foreign entities would have lower transaction costs and more exceptional ability to streamline and processes business opportunities than the smaller companies that were existing in Qatar. It would help them in setting their businesses with far greater efficiency. BBMS also related that the government had undoubtedly set up limitations in terms of their methodology to conduct business so that it would be beneficial to the local population. E.g. Some of these companies were required to hire Qatari locals as a mandatory part of Qatarization. It meant that they’d be employing Qatari people at a higher ratio and would form partnerships to facilitate growth for all local businesses.

BBMS related that it was beneficial to the entire economy of the country and that it was a golden opportunity for people like Omar. BBMS, however, requested Omar that he should consider a change in his business strategy. This necessary change would give him the advantage to catapult him to a better position to undertake and work with these foreign companies. BBMS were kind enough to help Omar in changing the legal structures and enhancing the methodology of his business. The suggestions and advice given were invaluable in getting Omar to the next level.

Omar was incredibly thankful for all the help that BBMS had given him. He was especially grateful for the consulting session mentioned above, as well as all the intervention towards the PRO Services provided to him.

If you need help in any way regarding Govt. Liaison services for your business alignment and strategies that need to be implemented, contact BBMS immediately. With enhanced speediness and effectiveness, they would be able to help you in ways that even you were not expecting. Call them at +974 40120333 or email them at

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