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Using Online Market Place (OMP) during EXPO 2020 to compete for opportunities across borders

Every morning Salim wakes up to see new additions to the Doha City Center from his balcony. “The world’s greatest show” is getting ready for its grand opening with new structures being raised every day in Doha. The government is now encouraging the residents to take a look around the marvel of a city they’ve created for the Expo. The Middle East is all set to host the World Expo 2020, with more than 170 countries expected to attend this event over the sum of six months. The Expo will be opening on October 20, 2020, and will go on for six months until April 10, 2021. A mammoth 25 million people are expected to participate in this Expo with more than 20 million of them from other countries. It will not be wrong if we say this is the biggest Expo yet. The Expo 2020’s motto is Connecting Minds, Creating The Future, while its core themes are Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. This Expo will bring the world’s greatest minds together under the same roof.

The Middle East Expo 2020 will be a medium where representatives from over 170 countries and also organizations of global importance like NGOs, global academia, government and state-run agencies, businesses, public sectors will come under one roof. An event of this magnitude will provide opportunities for global/local ventures to meet other businesses, individuals, and professionals from around the world.

Qatar is one of the countries that has been invited to take part in the Expo. This Expo will provide a matchless opportunity for startups to grow and promote their products on a global scale. Small and medium-sized enterprises can register their businesses on OMP (Online Marketplace) through the official website. SMEs play an important role in the global economy. More than 95% of all the companies in the world are SMEs, and they contribute about half of the global GDP. SMEs play a crucial role in Qatar’s economy, as 96% of the 25,000 private sector businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises. Qatar’s government is encouraging more startups to incubate as the finance ministry expects SMEs to contribute up to 90% of supplies for state projects in the near future. With the SME sector booming in Qatar with the continuous backing of the government, Qatar is also all set to host its own ambitious 2020 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Spectrum as it is trying to diversify it’s the sector that contributes to almost 3/4th of the GDP. Another advantage of endorsing a product or service to such an enormous crowd is that there will always be potential consumers. Online Marketplace will help your product to reach consumers around the world. For example, The Expo is still a few months away, but the first licensed merchandise, all by GCC-based SMEs, are already available: Expo-inspired chocolate by Mirzam, camel soap by the Camel Soap Factory and Bateel dates. And of the 34,904 businesses signed up to date, 85 percent are SMEs, a sector which won 56 percent of all direct and indirect contracts awarded by Expo 2020, with is more than what is awarded to all the other sectors and the main reason for this is because of the high diversity of the SMEs and their potential to generate revenue. The office expo merchandises like gifts, souvenirs, gadgets, fragrances, homeware, stationery and much more unique commemoration like gold and silver medallions and foils from New Zealand Mint, all of these by GCC-based SMEs are already selling their products, and since it is sold online, it can be bought from all over the world. With the Qatar government encouraging the start of small and medium sized enterprises, this could provide global recognition for Qatari startups and enterprises.

If you think your idea is crazy, take a look at some of the things that the previous expos have given us :

1. Eiffel tower

2. Heinz ketchup

3. Seattle space needle

4. Television and

5. Typewriter

So, do you have a revolutionary idea that is going to change the world? Do you need assistance with all the legal procedures to do so? If yes, worry no more! Our team is here to provide you with quality assistance round the clock. Send us an email at or give us a call at +974 40120333 for a no-obligation consultation and experience a hassle-free business set up. More success to you!


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