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Top Qatari start-ups to look out for in 2020

Amir is a bright MBA student at the University of Qatar. He is very interested in becoming an entrepreneur himself and keeps a close eye on what's happening in the business world. His interest lies in the technicalities of setting up a business, especially PRO services. He subscribes to journals like the Harvard Business Review to keep himself informed about the newest and most innovative start-ups.

This is how he came across an interesting article, entitled 'Exciting Qatari start-ups to look out for this year'. He sat up a little straighter and began to read more carefully. This is what he saw:- 

In the last couple of years, Qatar has jumped into the top 25 countries of the Global Entrepreneurship Index. This article will give a closer look at the start-ups, causing a stir in the world of business.

1. Samam

One of the most deadly dangers in any household is "Gas leakage". This is where Samam comes in to save the day. Samam is a smart safety (IoT) shut off system that detects leakage and reacts spontaneously through an app.

2. Airlift 

Airlift provides automated delivery services powered by their intelligent control software and hardware. Focused on the MENA region, Airlift is bringing high autonomy vehicles for cargo and logistics applications for businesses and governments to optimize their operations with safety and efficiency.

3. Bonocle

Bonocle is focused on improving the lives of users worldwide through technology. After careful observation, Bonocle targeted an area that had previously lacked innovation and took it upon themselves to do just that.

They offer an invaluable assistive technology device for the visually impaired. It uses Braille to give the user access to several electronic devices while maintaining a user-friendly interface and an enjoyable reading experience. With Bonocle, the visually impaired can navigate and comfortably co-exist in classrooms and workplaces without missing out on any information or digital content.

4. MaktApp

 MaktApp is a SAAS start-up which offers a Cloud Business Administration Software for office management. With a client base of more than 4,000 clients in 20 different countries around the world, MaktApp was recognized as Qatar's best tech company of 2107.

From program management to sharing invoices, MaktApp is the go-to app for all your business needs for a very affordable price. 

5. Urban Point

Love hunting for bargains? No one is better at finding quality goods at great prices than Urban Point. The app connects consumers looking for great offers with businesses and services that provide the best of the best. It's the go-to app for discount vouchers and coupons to restaurants, spas, health clubs, and fun activity centres in Qatar. The "Buy One, Get One Free" deal offered makes the subscription fee worth it. Urban Point is a gateway to all the fun that Doha has to offer without hurting your wallet.


Cab rides now made more exciting with Wanasah!

Like "in-flight entertainment" Wanasah provides "in-cab entertaiment". Passengers who commute through taxis or private limos get access to this fantastic feature that provides information and advertisements.

7.Urban Arabian

Modern fashion with a cultural twist

Urban Arabian is the hip new kid on the high street of Qatari fashion. This local brand fuses Khaleeji elements into very "street-style" clothing, perfect for those who want to wear something modern without losing their cultural roots. They offer a range of hats, hoodies and T-shirts.


Suncart is a local incubation start-up through the Qatar Foundation's Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP). It's an online forum that allows users to order grocery online and offers doorstep delivery too. It provides retailers with a platform to feature their products on the app and a transportation network for deliveries also.

9. Jaldi

Need quick and quality services?

Jaldi provides a reliable way for users to book top-rated professionals, monitor the booking status and a rating system as well. The app lists the Whatsapp numbers of professionals which is a great way to book a variety of professional services such as plumbers, electricians and handymen. 


Find a doctor at the click of a button! allows users to locate the best doctors and specialists in Doha with the help of a database available along with the credentials as well. This start-up will enable residents and visitors alike in Qatar to make informed health decisions and also ensures quality healthcare services.

Start up’s such as the one’s mentioned above all require assistance in setting up company’s in Qatar and this is where BBMS come’s into play. If you require to set up a company in the middle east or specifically, Qatar, then look no further! For more information on start-ups and other business related information and blogs, reach out to us and our team will be happy to provide you with quality assistance round the clock. Send us an email at or give us a call at +974 40120333 for a no-obligation consultation and experience a hassle-free business set up. More success to you!


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