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Business Consultants: Are they really important in Company Formation?

Joe was very happy with the resounding success of his business of manufacturing artificial leather. One of the most lucrative regions in the world for his business concerns, and he decided that Qatar would be his definite starting point. He was completely oblivious about Business setup process’ in the country, but he decided to give it a shot anyway. More importantly, he decided he would do so by himself by actually visiting the country. Mind you, visiting the country was perhaps the only correct action he performed.

Upon trying for a few days, he came into contact with a company called BBMS, which seemed like a great prospect altogether. After all, he was nowhere near at getting information as to what he must do over the last couple of days, as he was when he had his first meeting with them for just three hours. Representatives from BBMS intimated to him that they could take care of all that needed to be done for the proper incorporation of his Company in Qatar. He completely believed that without knowing the market, and all its aspects inside out, he wouldn’t have any chance of surviving his planned venture, let alone propel it towards resounding success.

The consultants at BBMS were left undecided as to what they should do, especially given the fact that Joe seemed pretty adamant to do it all by himself. So, they presented their expertise in providing PRO Services in Qatar as a form of support for him, so that he would know exactly what his steps for incorporation would need to be and know how to get out of all the problems that he might encounter. After a great deal of trying to convince him, Joe ultimately accepted their offer but insisted that he would do the key tasks by himself.

The first order of business was all about explaining the plans that Joe had in terms of expanding his business in such a lucrative market. The apparent requirements that his company may have had were also discussed in great detail, and BBMS set about planning how they were going to ensure that the business was set up in the most legitimate way. Joe initially had plans for bringing his advanced production infrastructure into the country to overhaul the time and efficiency of the same. The first legal document that BBMS came up with delineated all the necessary information that Joe and his enterprise would need to comply with and agree to uphold was the Article of Association. Once this document was made and signed by him, they shared with him that he needed Commercial Registration, and intimated to him exactly by bullet points how he could get one. In the meantime, he was also directed how to obtain a Tax Card for his company at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In terms of making sure that everything was in order. BBMS made sure to pair him up with one of their most trusted associates in case something was lost in translation, or a certain issue took place.

Joe himself set a Company Account entirely by himself at the Commercial Bank of Qatar, which verily surprised BBMS. He also took upon himself to find a way in transferring his money from home in order to kick start his operations in earnest, and even knew how much of it was actually required. Company setup for Joe didn't seem like a problem at all, until he had to go through filling all the requisite paperwork to register and incorporate his company name to be officially recognized under the Government. The situation became so critical that BBMS had to intervene, and presented the SAK web system for registration which he seemed quite unaware of.

This marked the completion of the setting up process for the man’s company, which was then accomplished comparatively fast. It marked the eventual realization of Joe’s main goals, and he went on to accomplishing the larger goals that he had in place as the justification for making an entry in Qatar.

It goes to show how essential business consultants could be essential not just for Company Formation in Qatar, but also for deeper reasons that could certainly make your case stronger and better. It’s entirely for this reason alone you should have regular contact with an appropriate consultant, and you’ll see yourself grow as a professional- bettering one’s own self with the help of a company like BBMS.

Call BBMS at +974 40 120 333 or email them at to get the best consultation to setup your legal entity.

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