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Here's why PRO Services Matter

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Gerald heads the engineering division of a large MNC based in London, and are presently in talks for a niche project in Qatar. As soon as the project gets a go-ahead, Gerald needs to put his team together and fulfil the requirements. However, he needs to have a few important aspects in order. To begin with, his company needs to be registered in Qatar. Gerald is aware and has already contacted us to help him start the process. However, his company, just like every company in Qatar, requires the services of a Government Liaison Officer, otherwise known as a Public Relations Officer or PRO. PRO services refer to all activities related to processing governmental documents and paperwork, such as visa applications, labour cards and company trade licencing documentation and approvals. As the leading business formation and support providers in Qatar, Bethel Business Management Services offers a range of PRO services, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution to individuals and companies. Gerald’s company definitely needs these services. Most common PRO services

One of the challenges companies face is to know which services apply to them and how to go about getting them. Bethel Business Management Services, as a company, can act as the Government Liaison Officer (PRO) for Companies and their staff.

The most common requirements for PRO services in Qatar include:- · Resident and Employment Visa (Visa processing, renewal and cancellation) · Labour and Computer Cards · Labour Quota applications · Family Visas · Driving Licences Transfer of sponsorship Qatar ID Cards Company and Branch formation · Annual Licence renewals and updates · Changes to Trade Licences, transfers · Regulatory approvals and NOC letters · Notarisation of Legal Documents · Commercial Registration renewals and amendments · Trade Licence applications and renewals · Immigration Card application · Share transfers assistance · Acquiring and renewing regulatory approvals and licences · Labour Quota, applications and assistance · Resident, family and employee visas · Stamping certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs · VIP services for medics · Application for refund of bank guarantees by Ministry of Labour · Refunds of deposits made at Immigration Department Why Your Company Needs PRO Services Just like Gerald’s case, most of the company’s activities which constitute PRO services are legal requirements for all companies and employees. This is simple compliance, ensuring to be complaint within the framework of requirements and timelines reduces the risk of any fines or similar challenges for the business.

Failure to comply leads affects a number of other factors outside of the business too, in some cases it has employees obtaining a resident visa, opening a bank account, signing a residential lease, connecting to utilities such as electricity, and obtain a Qatari ID Card. The best choice is to comply.

Why Bethel Business Management Services?

BBMS has assisted numerous companies, branch and representative offices in the Middle East, BBMS is fully acquainted with the necessary processes and legalities for all PRO services. With their extensive experience in Qatar, BBMS has strong business relationship with trusted partners, government authorities, and professionals within the legal and audit professions.

Similar to Gerald’s company BBMS has helped companies in the following sectors 1. Oil and Gas 2. Engineering 3. Construction 4. Defence 5. Business Services 6. Software Services 7. Retail businesses 8. Trading companies 9. Financial services companies 10. Marketing companies Get in touch with us today at +974 40 120 333 or email us at

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